Checklist to complete when your new site is live

Checklist to complete when your new site is live

To get the most out of your Digital Marketing it is important to make sure that all your online platforms cross-reference each other and that your new website Is correctly listed on all social platforms and visa versa.

Here Is a checklist of recommendations:
  1. Make sure you have Claimed your Google Business Listing and that your website URL is listed
  2. Make sure you have Claimed your Yelp listing and that your website URL is listed.
  3. Make sure you have Claimed your Trip Advisor listing and that your website URL is listed.
  4. Make sure that your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Business Accounts correctly list your website URL in the profile.
  5. We also recommend including links to your website in your Facebook and Twitter Posts to drive traffic to your website. 
  6. Make sure there are Social Icons on your Website for all your Social Media Pages. If any are missing or if you add new ones in the future please just log a request with Spillover Support.
  7. Consider adding a social icon for your Google Reviews on your website, if not there already.  
  8. If you have online ordering on your site, we HIGHLY recommend adding an Order Now button to both Google Business and to Facebook.
Taking these actions really helps improve the SEO ranking of your website which will help grow your audience.  Please contact our Support Team  If you need assistance completing any of these actions.  

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