Adding an Event Calendar and/or Upcoming Events Feed to your website

Adding an Event Calendar and/or Upcoming Events Feed to your website

1. Create a new Page that you will display your Calendar on.  Adding a new page to your website

2. Click on the content editor of your new webpage and click on Insert Events Calendar.  Click OK.

3. Click Publish to save your page updates.

4. Add your Calendar page to your website navigation. Updating your website navigation

5. Your Calendar Page will display as an embedded calendar on your webpage with a default Month View and will have a subscribe Button to allow your visitors to sign up for your event calendar updates.

5. Start Adding Upcoming Events to your new Website Calendar Adding an event to your Website Events Calendar

6. You can also display an Upcoming Events Feed on your website calendar page.  Contact if you would like to add an upcoming events feed. (It will be styled to match the theme and style of your website)

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