Using the Media Library in SENALYSIS

Using the Media Library in SENALYSIS

Select "Social Media" in the Engagement Section of  the navigation bar to launch  SENALYSIS. 

Then select either create an ad- hoc post or a create a new post in a campaign  and you will see the media library at the bottom of the Post modal.

I. How to Access the Spillover Stock Library 

To access the stock image library, navigate to the "Spillover Stock" . Images are sorted into folders by categories to help you find what you are looking for. If you have a specific image in mind, you can also use the search bar to filter based on key words.

II. How to Add Stock Image to a Post 

Double click on the folder you wish to open and select your desired image by double clicking on it OR right click and choose "Open Selection"  
It will then appear under the "Upload Media File" tab. 


III. How to Add Items to My Media 

To add upload your own images and save them to My Media navigate to the My Media section and select "Upload Files." You can then browse from your computer and choose the images you wish to upload. These can be organized into folders (create new folders with the "Create Folder" function) via drag and drop.   Follow the same steps to insert an image from My Media into a post.

IV. How to Favorite an Image

Navigate to your Media Library and Select "My Media." 

Find the image you want to favorite and right click on your desired image. Click on "Favorite" from the drop down menu to favorite the image. 

This image will then appear under "Favorites" where you can access it easily for future use. 

V How to Generate an image using the AI Image Generator

Click on "Generate Image" then and type in a description of the image that you want.  Click "Generate" button., and if you are happy with the generated image you can insert it into your post.  

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