Accessing the Engage Campaign Calendar

Accessing the Engage Campaign Calendar

The Engage Campaign Calendar allows you to view your Monthly Marketing plan : current month as well as previous and future months.  You can see all your scheduled email campaigns, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google posts and Website Calendar Events in one location.  To access and use the calendar first log in to the Engage Command Center ( ) and follow the instructions below.  

1. There are two ways to access the Campaign Calendar.  Either click on the icon in the Calendar Widget OR click on 'Calendar' in the Toolbar Navigation. 

2. The Default view shows all  scheduled "Email Blasts" and scheduled "Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google Posts" and "website calendar events" in the current month.  You can toggle On/Off the display of each of these by clicking on the checkbox filters.   Click on any Email or Social Post or Event to view it in more detail (see below).  Historic Posts/Emails will also show engagement stats.   Click on the arrows to move to previous or future months.  You can change the view to Day, Week or Month.  

3.  Example of an upcoming Twitter Post view when you click on it in the Campaign  Calendar.  

4. Example of an upcoming Facebook Post view when you click on it in the Campaign Calendar. 

5. Example of an upcoming Instagram Post when you click on it in the Calendar.

6. The Campaign Calendar can also be used to add events to your Website Events Calendar.  Click on the "+ Create Event" button to add an event for a future date. 

7. Enter Event Info (Name, start and end time, images etc.) in the Popup Window and click on "save".  Events will automatically post to your Website Events Calendar, where customers will be able to view and add them to their google calendar.


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