Setting Holiday Hours in your Online Ordering Solution

Setting Holiday Hours in your Online Ordering Solution

If you would prefer watch a video click here otherwise follow the instructions below

1. Log in to your Engage Command Center and go to Online Ordering.  (How to access Engage Command Center)

2. Click on the online order button on the left navigation panel.

2. Go to Settings-> Set Holiday in the Online Ordering Admin.

3. If you have more than 1 location you will see all of them listed.  Click "edit" for the location that you want to add holiday hours for.

4. Enter the Name of the Holiday and the date.

5. Choose whether you want to be closed all day or set custom hours. 

6. Click Submit and you should then see the holiday listed on the screen beneath.  Holidays Hours are for a specific date (mm/dd/yyyy) and override the default opening hours.  So if you set that you are closed on certain dates the system will automatically close your store on that date without you having to manually close and reopen it.

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