Tips for promoting your online ordering business

Tips for promoting your online ordering business

After you go live you will receive a URL link for your Online Ordering solution that you can publish anywhere your business has a presence on the internet. This article includes some quick and easy tips to help you let the world know you are ready to take online orders.   

Please download our Promoting your Online Ordering Guide  

Social Media  


It is so important to let all of your followers on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter know that you are LIVE and ready to receive orders.  

"We offer online ordering now! Order directly from our site and receive ___% off of your order." 

"Order online from our new online ordering platform and get ____% off your order!" 

You can build some anticipation by posting ahead of time like you would for a grand opening. Here are some examples you can use: 

"Online ordering is COMING SOON to ____! We are so excited to offer this new service to our customers. Be on the lookout for the link!" 
"Something new and exciting is coming soon to ______! We can't wait to share it with you!"  
"You'll be able to order your favorites for pickup and/or delivery from ______. Stay tuned, more details coming soon!"  


Be sure to add your online ordering link to your social media posts that will lead customers to your online ordering platform or anywhere else your link lives (e.g. your website). Here are some examples you can use: 

 "We are thrilled to announce that you can now place your order with us ONLINE!   Head to our website to learn more!  πŸ™Œ " 


"What is on the dinner table this week? Let us help! Don’t forget!  

You can now place your order online with us for pickup! Click here to order now!" 


"Order ahead for pickup! Click here to order online, we'll see you soon! πŸ‘‹" 


TIP: If you are not able to add your link to your text (as in Instagram), add the link to your Bio and direct people there

NOTE: if you use Spillover's Social Engagement Service your Spillover Social Media Manager will manage these online order promotional posts on  your behalf 

Email Marketing


It is also important to let your regular customers and eClub members know that you are ready to receive orders and the best way is to communicate directly to them via an email blast.  If you have Spillover's Internet Marketing System you can avail of a number of pre-built email templates to help take all the hard work out of crafting a message.  

Be sure to add your online ordering link or website link to your email blast so that customers can click on a button and immediately place an order.

HOT TIP: Consider including an Online Order Discount Coupon to entice your eClub members and regular customers to place an order and as a thank you for their ongoing support of your restaurant.  Check out the training video on how to create Online Order Coupons. 

NOTE: If you have  Spillover's Internet Marketing Management Concierge Service your Spillover Marketing Manager will manage this email campaign on your behalf. 

Printed Flyers

If you also use a 3rd party ordering/delivery service, consider adding a printed flyer to every order that promotes your direct online ordering business.  Let your customers know that they can support you during these tough Covid times by placing their orders directly with you rather than using a 3rd party service that takes a very large commission.

HOT TIP:  You can easily add a QR Code to a printed flyer that will allow your customers to link directly to your Online Ordering solution by scanning the code with their phone. Here is a support article on how to do it yourself: Creating a QR Code for your Online Ordering. Our Support team is also happy to create a QR code for you,  just log a support ticket and we'll send it to you.

HOT TIP: Consider including an Online Order Discount Coupon Code to entice customers to place an order directly with you. Check out the training video on how to create Online Order Coupons.


  **NOTE: if you need help creating a flyer, we can help you. Contact your Spillover Marketing Manager to get started.


Updating Google, Yelp, Social Media, Website 


Google & Yelp 

Go to Google and Yelp to claim your business (if you have not already) and update your website and/or online order links. It is simple to do and will help attract online customers. Click these links to learn how to claim/edit your business for Google and Yelp


Social Media Profiles 

Make sure you update/add your website or online ordering URL link on our Social Media accounts (Facebook,  Instagram & Twitter)   


Your Website 

If Spillover built your website, have no fear, we will add your online ordering link and "Order" button for you. If you or someone else is managing your website you will be responsible for updating/adding the link to your website.  We recommend you place It in the navigation as well as having a prominent button on display on the home page.  



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