Facebook: Add Spillover in Business Manager

Facebook: Add Spillover in Business Manager

"Add People" in business manager 

1. Go to your Meta Business settings page at business.Facebook.com/settings

2. Select the business (or move to step 3). 
If you don't see your business on this page, you can "Create business" if there's not already one created, OR you'll need to ask the current business admin to add you to the business manager account following these steps below.  

3. Inside Business Account Settings, under "People," click "Add People" 

4. Under "Select People," add email: spilloversocialmedia4@gmail.com > click "Next"

5. Under "Add to Business Account," find "Full control" and toggle on "Manage" under Everything. 
Make sure the bottom reads "Full control selected" and click "Next"

6. Under "Assign business assets," choose the dropdown to view your assets, and  all that you will allow Spillover to manage: 
-Facebook page: required
-Instagram account: required
-Ad account: check this if we might help with paid marketing from your ad account
*Do Not Click Next

7. Still under "Assign Business Assets," you'll need to toggle on FULL CONTROL for each asset.
-Instagram check all assets
-Facebook find "full control (business tools and Facebook) and toggle on full control
-Make sure all assets are turned to full control, then click "Next"

8. Review Invitation (again looking for that "full control" confirmation), and "Send Request."
Please let us know when sent so we can check access and accept!

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