Adding a Home Page Popup message to your website

Adding a Home Page Popup message to your website

This article shows you how to add and remove Pop Up Messages to the Home Page of your website so you can share important so you can share important updates with your customers e.g. New Opening Hours, Changes to Dine-In or Online Ordering Pickup or Delivery, or Special Promotions etc.

1) In the Engage Command Center, scroll the left navigation down to the "Website" section. 

2) Select the "Pop-Ups" option from the side navigation. 

3) On the Pop-Up overview screen you will see your current pop-ups listed in chronological order by start date. You will see your active pop-up highlighted with a green background.    To create a new popup, click on the "Add Pop-Up" button in the top right of the window

4) You will first provide a name for the popup, select if you would like it enabled or disabled, and then choose a time frame (start date and end date) you would like this pop up to be displayed. Please note that if a pop-up is enabled it will only display on the home page during the time frame you have specified, and if you do not specify an end time, it will run indefinitely until disabled.  Choose the number of times you would like the popup to display for an individual site visitor, if left blank it will display every time.  The editor screen for the popup functions the same as the site editor (Wiki Article - Starting on 4).  You can add images and text.  (See tip below re image size.) Once you have finished creating your pop-up, select save in the top right of the window. 

To add an image to a popup click on the Image icon in the editor.  To ensure the image displays correctly on desktop and mobile, set the width to 100% and leave the height blank to maintain the aspect ratio.  If 100% displays too large, then adjust the width to a lower percentage still leaving the height blank.

5) The next time you visit the website (during the specified time frame) you will see the active popup.

Please note that the pop up uses the built in styling of your website - if you would like to change the styling of the box itself, please reach out to our support team. 

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