Viewing and responding to Reviews in Senalysis

Viewing and responding to Reviews in Senalysis

Senalysis currently supports reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook & Spillover MyReviews.

1. Log in to your Engage Command Center and click on the icon shown below on the left panel to access Senalysis

2.Click on the Inbox to view all comments, notifications and reviews.   Click on the "Engagement Filters" drop down box and select "Google" to view just the Google Reviews, Or "Facebook" to just view facebook Reviews or "Yelp" to just view Yelp Reviews. ( Note, your Senlaysis Inbox will only start to populate with reviews and notifications from the date you first access Senalysis.  Historic reviews will not be displayed in your inbox from dates prior to your 1st time accessing Senalysis). 

3.Click on the Speech Bubble to respond to a Google Review.

4. Enter your response and click "reply"

5.  Emoji's can be added two ways.
            5.1. via text by typing ":" and the first few letters e.g. ":thu" to get the thumbs up/down emojis.

            5.2 by clicking on the smiley face emoji to bring up the library of emojis.

6. To view a summary of all Google Reviews and the average star rating, click on "Reports" and "Google".

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