Using the iPad App to Manage Orders

Using the iPad App to Manage Orders

1. When a new order is placed, a notification will sound on the iPad and the order will appear on the iPad Dashboard with a status of Pending.  

Note : Make sure you disable Auto Lock in the iPad Settings.  The sound notification will not work if the iPad goes into sleep mode.  To disable Auto Lock go to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto-Lock = Never

The iPad home screen has three tabs for viewing orders. 
"Prepare Today" - all orders that are due to be picked up or delivered today,
"Ordered Today" = all orders placed today and could include order ahead orders not due for pickup/delivery today.  
"Upcoming orders" = orders due for pickup or delivery in future days.    Orders that are placed for future days will be visible in the Upcoming Orders Tab a will appear in the Pending Orders Tab on the day they are due to be prepared.

2. By tapping on the order you can View the order details,  and update the status of the Order from Pending to Prepared when it is ready for pickup/delivery.  

3. You can also notify the person who placed by order via text that their order is ready to be picked up.  

4.  The prep time can be updated via the iPad from 10 mins up to 60 mins.  This is useful when the restaurant becomes busy.  It will inform anyone who places a new order that the prep time is now 60 minutes and give them and adjust the pickup time accordingly on the order confirmation. 

5.  Online Ordering can be disabled/enabled by toggling the on/off button on top right of the screen. 

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