Snoozing Items in the Order Boss App

Snoozing Items in the Order Boss App

How to Snooze Items From Your Order Boss App
  1. Launch the Order Boss App on your iPad 
  2.  On the navigation sidebar select "Menu" 
    1. Here you will see your categories displayed on the left
    2. Clicking on a category will display the items in that category 
    3. You can use the search bar to look up specific items or scroll through all that are listed 
  3. Ensure that "Items" is selected

To Snooze an Item: 
  1.  Click on "Snooze" on the item you wish to temporarily disable. You can select from the drop down menu the time period for snoozing. The item will automatically un-snooze when that time is up. There are four snooze choices: 

    1. Disable Until Tomorrow: The item will disable for the remainder of the day, but reappear at opening time tomorrow 
    2. Disable Until Day after Tomorrow: The item will disable for the remainder of the day and for the following day, reappearing at opening time day after tomorrow 
    3. Disable Now and for 2 Full Days Following: The item will re-enable three days from now
    4. Disable indefinitely: The item will snooze indefinitely and will need to be re-enabled manually sometime in the future

  1. When you have selected your desired length of time, click submit 

To unSnooze an Item 
  1. Find the item you wish to unsnooze 
    1. You can filter to just see snoozed items by selecting "Snoozed" 
  2. Next to the item name, click on the white "Snoozed" box
  3. The box will refill green and display the option to action "Snooze." This item is now shown in the menu again

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