Online Ordering WiFi Printer Setup

Online Ordering WiFi Printer Setup

You will need an ethernet cable to do the initial setup.

The content of the box received will be the printer, its power cable, and a wifi stick adaptor. You will want plug the wifi stick into one of the two usb ports in the back as well as the power cable and the ethernet cable. Once it is setup you can follow these steps:

1) While the printer is off hold down the feed button, and flick the power switch on. Hold the feed button until it starts to print out the system info. 
2) On this print out, the local IP will be listed (bottom of the second page). Open a web browser on a computer using the same network, and input the local IP in the address bar. Login with the following information:

Username: root
Password: Spill0ver!

3) Once logged in you will see a “Wireless” network tab on the left where you can either scan for local wifi connections or manually put in the information.

4) Use the “Save” tab to save and print the system configuration once the network has been setup – on this last system configuration we will need the MAC address listed. 

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