FAQ - Online Ordering Solution

FAQ - Online Ordering Solution

What options are there for managing orders?  There are multiple options for handling orders and many of these options can be used at the same time. E.g., get a text alert or an automated call if a print fails.   

  1. OrderGuruPro iPad App (with Version 2 of Online Ordering Platform) or Order Boss iPad Application  (with Version 1 of Online Ordering)

  1. Star Receipt Printer 

  1. SMS Text Message Alert 

  1. Email Alert 

  1. Web Admin   

What printers are supported?  Star Micronics mC-Print3 Ethernet Receipt Printer, the Star Micronics IFBD-HI01X/02X WIFI Receipt Printer or any HP ePrint printer 

Can I integrate with my POS solution?  Spillover’s Online Ordering Solution is directly integrated with Lightspeed’s Cloud POS solution.  All orders placed are automatically transferred to Lightspeed and the online order menu can be managed from the POS Menu setup.  Other integrations may be supported through Deliverect.

What is the Online Order Fee? The Online Order Fee is part of the software licensing fee and is passed to the consumer to pay.  It is $1 per order up to $50 and $2 on orders > $50.   

I already have a Merchant account, why do I need a Payment Gateway?   A payment gateway is needed to process online credit card payments.  The payment gateway does the same tasks that your POS Terminal does for in-person credit card payments.  Your existing Merchant Services provider may be able to get you an Authorize.net payment gateway account.  If you choose to go this route you will need to provide the Authnet API Login ID and Transaction Key to Spillover.  

What payment gateways does your Online Ordering Solution support?  Our system supports Jupiter, Tilled and Authorize.net Payment Gateways.

What are the benefits of the Jupiter Payment Processing solution? Jupiter is a one-stop-shop for handling your online order payments that include both payment gateway and merchant account, similar to Stripe and Paypal.  Jupiter has a simple online application and they provide the payment gateway info directly to Spillover making setup quick and easy.  Jupiter is fully integrated with Spillover's online ordering solution and deducts the $1/$2 online order fee prior to disbursement which means you do not receive an invoice at month-end from Spillover for the online order fees.  Jupiter does not charge any monthly fees (Authorize.net has a monthly payment gateway fee) and their transaction processing fees are equivalent to other 3rd party payment processors and merchant service providers.

Why do some of my transactions show a VOID button and some show a REFUND button? The transaction will show a VOID button until the payment has been settled.  Once the payment has been settled (the following day) this button will change to a REFUND button.  Both Partial and Full Refunds can be processed from either the Web Admin or Order Boss iPad App. 

Does your Online Order Solution handle Curbside Pickup? Yes, the solution can be set up to handle Curbside Pickup.  You can provide custom instructions via a Popup message on the home page and again at the checkout.  There is also a field at the checkout where the car make and color can be entered.   

What is the max number of days ahead that orders can be placed? Our system allows orders to be placed at a max of 10-days in advance. 

Does your Online Order Solution Support Discount Coupons?  Yes,  you can create an unlimited number of discount coupons.  Coupons can either be a percentage discount or a fixed amount discount.  You can set the coupon to be used only once or an unlimited number of times by a customer.  You can also set the dates that the coupon is valid.   

Can I enable/disable online ordering myself?  Yes, it is very easy to enable/disable the solution if you need to turn off online ordering temporarily.  If you have the iPad App you can enable/disable via a toggle button on top of app.  If you don't have the iPad App you can enable/disable via the web admin - the toggle button is also on top right of the web-admin.  The Web Admin can be accessed via web browser on mobile device or desktop/laptop. 


Can I temporarily disable an item on my menu if I run out?  Yes, it is very easy to disable/enable items on your menu.  If you use the iPad app to manage your orders then you can disable/enable menu items directly on the app.   The other method is to disable/enable items via the Web Admin.

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