How to Upload an Email List

How to Upload an Email List

1. In order to upload an email list in a CSV (comma delimited) format, navigate to your eSubscribers page by clicking on the “Contacts > Subscribers” menu, or click on the icon of the fork and knife. 

2. Click on the “Upload eMail List” button and the next screen will have some documentation on the specifics of how to format your CSV and the attributes of your specific subscriber database. Most lists that are uploaded as a general addition to your “All Subscribers” list only need to have three columns: First Name, Last Name and Email Address, without  header rows.

3. Click on the “Start the Import Wizard” button.

4. You need to enter in your email address to receive the notification when your list has finished uploading, as well as clicking the “Choose File” button and browsing your computer for your CSV file to upload.

5. Click the “Next” button and you will see the first five lines of your selected file. 

    1. You will select the corresponding headers from the drop-down to denote what information is in which column.
    2. If you wanted to add these subscribers to fall under specific lists, such as your member list, you would need another column as seen in the image with values of either “Yes” (to add them to the member’s list) or “No” (to remove them from the member list/add them to your public list) with a capital letter.
    3. If you accidentally upload a list and selected “First Name” from the drop-down over your column that contained the last names, just re-upload the list and check the box reading “Overwrite existing subscriber first and last name?”

6. If you would like to send the welcome letter, which includes the subscriber’s username and password, select the option for “Send Welcome Letter” or you can customize a response by clicking the “Configure Custom Response.”

7. After you click “Finish,” you will receive an email alerting you once the list has finished uploading. If you have any questions about your custom email lists or would like another attribute added, please contact our support team.

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