How to set up a new Survey

How to set up a new Survey

1. Log into your Engage Command Center and click on the “Survey” quick button at the top of the dashboard.



2.     Click “Create a New Survey” or “Show Survey Library” if you want to use an existing Survey Template.  


3.     If creating a New Survey, fill out the form information about your survey.  Click “Save Survey”


4.     Click “Add Question” and type in the question and select the Answer Type and whether the question is required or not. 

      Answer Types:

            Text – Respondent enters a string of words to answer


                        Preview of answer section:



                  Radio Buttons – Respondent selects the best answer out of a list


                Preview of answer section:




Check Boxes – Respondent can select one or multiple choices from a list


  Preview of answer section:


• Dropdown – Respondent selects an answer from a dropdown of options


* Matrix Questions – Provides a Row and Column layout that provides the respondent several questions to answer regarding a single topic.  You can add multiple rows and columns.

Preview of Matrix Question/Answer format:

To add another question, click “Add Question”. Continue until all questions have been added and then click “Save”.

5.     Publish Survey 
At this point, the survey has been saved and is listed in the “Incomplete Surveys” section in the Survey Manager. This survey is not live yet and can still be edited. The survey can also be copied or deleted at this point as well.
To make this survey available for customers to take click “Publish” next to the survey name.


       6. Share Survey      


The survey will be listed in the “Active” section. To send this survey to customers, click the “Get Link” button and copy the link. 
example :  The link can be added to an email blast or embedded on a website.


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