How to Process Voids and Refunds from the Order Boss iPad App

How to Process Voids and Refunds from the Order Boss iPad App

The Order Boss iPad App makes processing voids or refunds quick and simple, just follow these steps. 
VOIDS are for only uncleared same-day transactions, to process a full or partial REFUND the transaction must have cleared which may be the following day.

1. For VOIDS, select orders from the dashboard if the order was completed or placed that day. If the order was completed in the past, click on the three stacked lines on the top left corner of the dashboard to reveal the Menu.

2. Frome here click on "Order History" to search for the order you are looking to refund.

Order Boss Menu
3. Type in the dates when the order was completed, then click apply. After you have found the transaction, click on it.

4. Click on "Refund"

5. Under "Refund Option" you can select "Full" or "Partial" (if it is a VOID, it will only display 'FULL'), and have the option to send the customer an email confirmation with a note. If you do a "Partial" refund, click on the dollar amount and type in the partial amount. After you have decided on the type of refund, select the "Refund" button.

6. A confirmation message will popup after your refund has been completed.

7. After the refund is complete you will see the "Refund" icon in the top right corner of the receipt. 


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