How to Export your OpenTable Guest List and import it into your Engage Customer DB

How to Export your OpenTable Guest List and import it into your Engage Customer DB

It's easy to export your Guest data (name, phone number, email address, etc.) from your OpenTable system. Follow these steps to get going!

  1. From your OpenTable desktop, select the "Reports" tab
  2. Click on "Marketing Options," and then, "Guest Export"
  3. Select the "Only export guests with E-Mail addresses" option from within the Export Options section to ensure you're only pulling names with email addresses attached
  4. Click "Export"
  5. Make note of the entire file location so that you can easily find it on your computer. The location will be quite long, and will begin with C:\

These screenshots illustrate steps 1-5 above:




The file you've exported will be in text format. You will need to convert it to a CSV File to upload it into your Spillover Marketing DB.   Follow these steps or email the file to Spillover Support who will convert it and upload it into your Spillover Marketing DB
  1. Open Excel, and choose "Open" from the file menu
  2. Find the file that you saved
  3. Change the "All Excel Files" option to "All Files"
  4. Click "Open"


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