DIME Overview : Set and Forget Automated Email Marketing

DIME Overview : Set and Forget Automated Email Marketing

DIME =  Dynamic Intelligent Marketing Engine

We have 12 default DIME messages ready to use in your Engage Solution.   This is an incredibly easy way to keep your customers engaged via email marketing campaigns and encourage traffic to online ordering, gift cards and your website.
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1. To get started, Log in to the Engage Command Center https://admin.spillover.com/  and click “DIME” > “Set and Forget” in the navigation OR click the DIME quick button   

2. Note : Messages will be toggled OFF until you or your project manager turns them on.

DIME Messages

Automated Messages consist of 2 campaigns: a continuous "drip marketing campaign" (emails #1-5) to filter throughout your database, guaranteeing at least one message per month to customers who haven't received any other communications; and "eClub messages" intended to use customer data collected through the eClub on your site (#6-8).

Automated Intelligent Messages are designed to engage with Spillover Online Order customers (when applicable) based on frequency and purchasing behavior. 

Automated Messages -->

(Drip Marketing Campaign)  - 1 email  sent every month to any subscribers who have not received any other emails.
1. View Our Menu Links to menu page on the website
2. Our Story Links to about or home page
3. Check Out Our Online Ordering Links to online orders
4. Buy Gift Cards Links to Online Store gift cards on the website
5. Join our eClub Links to eClub page on the site, works to collect additional profile information such as birthday, anniversary etc

(eClub Messages) 
6Welcome to eClub Sent to new subscribers
7. Birthday Greetings Sent 7 days before a subscriber's birthday, default to “free dessert” or can just be a happy bday message
8. Happy Anniversary Sent 7 days before a subscriber's anniversary, default to “free dessert” or can just be a happy anniversary message

Automated Intelligent Messages -->
9. Thanks for your first Order Sent to customers who placed first order: thank you / link to short satisfaction survey
10. Thanks for your second Order Sent  to customers after their second order: off 10% discount coupon on next order
11. Defector Promotion, Low Value Last online order was < $35 and > 45 days ago: 10% off order $15+
12. Defector Promotion, High Value Last online order was > $35 and > 45 days ago: 15% off order $15+

Customizing & Branding your DIME Messages

  1. Default conditions are already set for DIME messages based on average preference (i.e. “customer has not received an email in 10 days,” or “customer has not received this email in 180 days,” etc.)
  2. If you decide to further customize the send conditions for these emails, there are more than 30 conditions to choose from based on email frequency, location, buying habits and more

Message Settings

  1. Default message settings are in place for DIME messages based on average preference (email name, email subject, start time/day, etc), all of which can be changed/customized to fit your messaging needs

Email Editor

  1. A Custom Restaurant Header and Footer is added to every message.
  2. Images in the DIME message body are 600w x 200h.
    These are easily replaced by similarly sized images (keep in mind that 600 pixels is recommended width and 200 pixels is the recommended height).
  3. Button links in the DIME messages are easily updated using the “Insert/Edit Link” icon
  4. The Copy and Messaging can be easily edited to suit your branding needs and Special Offers can be tailored.

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