Managing Digital Gift Card Sales and Redemption

Managing Digital Gift Card Sales and Redemption

When a Digital Gift Card is purchased in the eCommerce Store, an email with a Gift Card PDF is sent to the Purchaser, to the Recipient and to the Restaurant Owner/Manager.


The Digital Gift Card shows the name, amount, date and has an auto generated Gift Card Number (GCXXXXXXXX) - includes a QR Code and Bar Code which can be used to “lookup” this number.  (See below)

The Gift Card can be printed by the recipient or presented on their phone for redemption at the restaurant.  Note: Digital Gift Cards cannot be redeemed in the eCommerce Store or in Online Ordering.


Options for the Restaurant for Managing Digital Gift Card Redemption   


1.     To manage via the POS  

  1. When a Digital Gift Card is purchased a copy of the Gift Card is emailed to the Restaurant Manager/Owner. 
  2. A new Gift Card Tender needs to be created in the POS by the Restaurant Manager - entering the Gift Card Number (GCXXXXXXXX) and Value.  (Use a Tender to reflect this is an online gift card sale).
  3. The gift card redemption is then fully tracked via the POS, including partial redemption and balance tracking if this is supported by the POS.  If the POS supports scanning of Bar Codes/QR codes, then this functionality can be utilized to lookup the gift card when it is presented by the customer.
  4. You may want to mark the Gift Card as "redeemed" in Engage just so you have a clear view of new orders (pending POS entry) vs. processed orders (gift cards you’ve input in the POS).


2.     To manage via a Manual Process  

  1. Maintain a Gift Card Ledger and each time a physical or digital gift card is sold and an email notification is received the gift card number and $ value is entered in a ledger. 
  2. When the gift card is presented for redemption, the ledger would be checked and updated. 
  3. If it is fully redeemed it would be marked as such in the ledger.  If it is partially redeemed, then a physical gift card with the remaining balance would need to be issued and this new gift card tracked via the ledger.   

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