Configuring Dine In Functionality

Configuring Dine In Functionality

If you have licensed the Dine-In functionality as part of your online ordering solution,  there are a number of customizable settings which can be adjusted.

Changing Display Text 

When a customer chooses to order online when dining in, you have the ability to customize a message that is displayed to them. This is a useful way to include directions so that the ordering and serving processes goes smoothly. This message can be adjusted under Settings > Ordering > Dine In. 

When you have entered your message, remember to press the Blue Save Icon  to push the update out to your customers
The message will display to the customer as shown below: 

Downloading your Ordering QR Code

Your QR code can be distributed to your customers in store to allow them to order for Dine In. Scanning the QR will bring them directly to the Dine In Screen for their current location. If you own multiple locations, each will have a unique QR code. 

From your Online  Order Admin, click on  Settings > Settings and select Locations 

Making Menu Items Dine In Only or Not Available for Dine In

Newly created items default to all methods you have enabled. If you wish to have an item that is Dine In only or that isn't available for dine in, you can specify that for an individual item on your menu.
Go to Menu > Items and find or create the Item you wish to specify
In the Item creation or editing screen, simply check or uncheck the corresponding boxes for the desired possible ordering methods and remember to click save.

Enabling Dine-In access via QR Code an/or Web URL

How Dine In orders display on Order Boss App

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