How do I get my API Login ID and Transaction Key?

How do I get my API Login ID and Transaction Key?

If you are using Authnet for your payment gateway we will need the API Login ID and Transaction Key.

To obtain the API Login ID and Transaction Key:
  1. Log into the Merchant Interface of your account
  2. Click Account from the main toolbar.
  3. Click Settings in the main left-side menu.
  4. Click API Credentials & Keys.
  5. Select New Transaction Key.
  6. Note: When obtaining a new Transaction Key, you may choose to disable the old Transaction Key by clicking the box titled, Disable Old Transaction Key Immediately. You may want to do this if you suspect your previous Transaction Key is being used fraudulently.
  7. Click Submit to continue.
  8. Request and enter PIN for verification.
  9. Your new Transaction Key is displayed.

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